CAS Experience 4 (Masks and Old Age Home )

Painting and distributing seventy masks at the old age home –


Masks have been a compulsion since months now and I noticed that people preferred wearing masks that looked good or went with their clothes or simply were beautiful and had some designs on them. So, I had this idea of using my art and painting skills on the fabric of the masks and distribute it to the seventy people at the old age home since masks have become a necessity as a prevention against the virus and the older folks are best advised to take the precautionary methods , one being-wearing masks when outdoor. These masks were easy to wash and with paints that wouldn’t come off easily. I collected seventy handmade masks and painted them with fabric paints.

The following is my learning outcome under this activity-

LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth :

Painting on a fabric demands patience ,accuracy , and sharpness . With no prior experience of painting on a fabric , this experience was a challenge for me to be able to complete painting on around seventy masks with precision and on time . When I started with my first mask , it took me considerably more time to finish painting it . But as I progressed further , I realised that with no distractions and break in the midst of the painting process , I was able to paint more number of masks in less time and was enjoying the journey to great extent . I was able to implement all of those miniature designs which I had planned in my mind , onto the fabric of the masks because I was patient enough with them and enjoyed the task which required accurate precision and tidiness . Here , I was able to identify that if I could invest time in a complete new activity with enough concentration and time – I could improve at it to great extent in a short period of time and eventually gasp the required techniques .

LO2  – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

 I have had this experience of painting on fabric before but not on a mask . I had to make sure with every design that I don’t ruin the masks at all , also painting seventy masks was a bulk load of work and I had decided to come up with a different design with every different mask . So , I committed to my work – first drew some draft designs on my sketchbook and then set upon the masks . Also a setup was required where I could be persistent with painting one mask after the other. This activity did required patience which I developed surprisingly during the process and when it was finally finished , I was confident as my masks did show the commitment , creativity and my dedication onto them .

LO3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience :

I was inspired to perform this experience from the daily scenario which surrounded me . Masks have been a great deal in the market since a year now and they made me realise how people , even in times of such crisis , wanted a mask which suited them and matched their attire . So , I had this idea of creating/ painting designs on masks and gift them to the people confined at the old age home . I planned a short timeline which I had to follow rigorously in order complete painting the masks on time . Along with that , I tried to manage to paint all 70 masks in a single session , which I was successfully able to . After the initial state of the plan , the next step was to distribute them at the old age home. Finally, when I went to the old age home -accompanied by my mother- we asked the lady in authority to distribute these masks. She looked upon them and gave us the permission . While distributing , the old uncles and aunties immediately exchanged their old masks with the ones I painted , and I also explained to them about my process, what paint did I use on the fabric and how it won’t come off even after several washings. They seemed delighted and beautiful upon wearing those masks. 

LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experience

Painting seventy fabric masks with no prior experience of fabric painting was indeed a challenge which required patience and persistence throughout the process. Commitment to this experience was a key factor to keep this task moving ahead and it also required complete devotion and dedication .

LO7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions –

Before executing this experience , while planning , I realized the consequences of my actions and choices of carrying out this experience where I would paint fabric masks and distribute them as a gift and a reminder to the people residing at the old age home to be precautious of the pandemic and take the preventions beforehand such as always carrying and wearing a pair of mask with them whenever they’re surrounded by people at any place . These painted-decorated masks were a reminder for them to adapt with the new changes in their surroundings whilst also making it beautiful and memorable by wearing not so plain masks.

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES that I was able to comprehend from this experience are as follows :

PRINCIPLED – During this experience , I took responsibility of my own actions and the consequences which were to begin and end painting a total of seventy masks in a short span of time and distribute them as per the timeline and plan. With continuous dedication and discipline , I was able to achieve it .

CARING – During this experience , I was able to showcase compassion and empathy towards those in need such as those in the old age home . For this experience , I had personally committed to this activity related to service to act to make a positive difference to be a part of the change.

REFLECTIVE – Through this experience , I am able to reflect and distinguish between my strengths and weaknesses and the new skills that I was able to develop in this experience. I could reflect upon my new found skills and at the same reflected upon my experience with the people at the old age home.

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