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Due to global pandemic we had to stay home for more than 5 months which led to gaining more weight and losing the mobility of fitness.After the lockdown phase ending I had a limited range of activities which I could do to my lean and healthier. The utmost and thinking for the safety and being practical was cycling to reduce weight and increase stamina.Cycling is practical as without getting in contact with people and also it is an activity which helped me move outside of the house after a long time.Thus, my target was to do cycling on alternate days and reduce the consumption of motor vehicle and reduce pollution and taking a step for a better environment.

I needed to distinguish my physical and mental shortcoming brought about by me remaining at home for this incredibly extensive stretch of time. It took me some time to really recognize the effect remaining at home had on the brain and body yet once these shortcomings were distinguished, I could comprehend myself better and ponder approaches to conquer these shortcomings. This was apparent when on the first day I went cycling, I felt exceptionally drained after a short ride. My body got sore and every last bit of it was on the grounds that I had maintained a strategic distance from such an activity for quite a long time. When I got normal, I felt more enthusiastic and more joyful at home doing my day by day chores.

There were different difficulties which I needed to face to execute the movement which I chose. The greatest test which I confronted was the board where I had my online class from 9 am to 3 pm where I had decided to go promptly in the first part of the day or late around evening time so thinking pragmatically I decided to go in early morning. Furthermore, the test was to get up ahead of schedule and return on time, realizing that I need to attend the class fresh and enthusiastically.  An hour of cycling toward the beginning of the day and 6 hours of online school truly depleted me before the day’s over.

Distance covered: 50 km

Duration 3:37:00

Calories :1262

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