Cooking:- CAS

I always wanted to learn cooking and wanted to improve my skills but was never able to manage time due to academics and some other extracurricular activity.  The current situation of COVID19 has provided me with time where I can learn cooking. On the other side, I thought why not make some extra food and donate it to the needed people. 

While doing this experience I covered creativity and service.

The LO which I demonstrated are:- LO2, LO3, LO4 and LO6.

LO2:- I was not a very good cook and I did not have a good amount of experience. Due to which there were few challenges that I faced was I was very slow at making the food. It took a lot of time for me to cut the vegetables.  But slowly and gradually I was getting better.

LO3:- One day I randomly started to cook so there were a lot of problems raising so after some time I decided to create a proper CAS plan of cooking every weekend. Creating a plan helped me a lot as I was able to save plenty of my time as I already knew what I was going to make and what all ingredients were needed. The CAS plan also helped me to get more efficient output.

LO4:- As I had planned to cook every weekend. On some of the weekends, I was not in the mood of cooking and was very tired because of the taekwondo training. But on those days I still went to the kitchen to cook food as I was committed towards cooking food for the poor people who need the food.

LO6:- health is one of the big issues which a lot of people face globally. Health food is one of the major components. People do not know how to cook hygienically and some of the people even don’t have food to eat so knowing this issue helped to learn something new.

To conclude, cooking helped me to learn new learner profiles such as knowledgeable thinker, being balanced, and reflective. These learner profiles will help me a lot of times in my life.


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