CAS Activity: Product Design

CAS Activity: Product Design


In this CAS activity I designed a Mask Organizer. I did not just simply gather the materials and make this product. I made this while following all the processes and requirements of the IB Design Cycle of Product Design. First of all, I wrote down the problem and need for this product. Then I researched various designs, methods and materials involved in making a mask organizer. I made this product during the lockdown, so I had to get creative with the limited resources I had at my home. I asked Khushboo Ma’am (Product Design teacher) to supervise my CAS activity. She provided me the product design criterions & processes and she also helped me when I encountered any doubts or problems during this activity.

Reflection of Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1 (Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth)

In terms of Design Cycle, Product Design was a subject in which I had some background knowledge. I learnt the basics of Product Design in MYP as it was a mandatory subject in grade 7 and 8. I was very clear about the process of designing a product. This helped me complete almost all the criterion questions in very less time. There were times where I was unclear how some questions apply to my product and in what terms I have to answer them. That’s where my supervisor helped me.

I also had quite a lot of experience when it came to the actual making of my product. This is because I had taken Makers as my AS activity in grade 8 and I had also attended some product design workshops.  This made calculations and actual use of tools very easy for me.  

Learning Outcome 2 (Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process)

Overall, this CAS activity required a lot of research skills. In product design you have to consider each and every aspect of the product. You have to write pros and cons of every possible material that could be used in the product. A lot of thinking was required for the completion of Criteria A (Inquiring and Analysing) and B(Developing Ideas). Because of this, the process becomes very lengthy, time-taking  and tiring. 

One of the challenges I overcame in this activity was sketching designs of a product. In strand 2 of criteria B, we have to make at least 3 feasible design ideas which meets the requirements of the product. This was a challenge for me not only because I am very bad at sketching but also because I had a pretty clear vision of the product in my mind. Finding new designs took a lot of brainstorming but when I finally completed the 3 designs, I realized the importance of this strand. Thinking about other designs helped me to come up with ideas and modifications that could make my product better.

Learning Outcome 4 (Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences)

I displayed commitment and perseverance several times in this activity. Firstly, it was very frustrating when I couldn’t come up with ideas and information for satisfying certain criterion strands. I often felt that I should skip the strand because no further ideas could be developed. This was one of the situations where I had to commit to the activity and persevere. Secondly, as I mentioned before, this activity was very tedious and time consuming. I had to make time for this activity while doing my school homeworks and studies. There were times when I didn’t make any progress in the criterion strands for days and all that procrastination left a huge pile of work to be done. Commitment and perseverance played a central role in finishing all the tasks. 

Final Take-Away:

I have displayed many Learner Profiles in this CAS experience. I have become more knowledgeable about Product Design and the Design Cycle. I have improved my critical and creative thinking skills while thinking about various designs and ideas. I have also developed my research skills. Moreover, my time management skills have been polished by the balance I had to maintain between the workload with school studies.

If I was to do this activity again, I would try to be more active and punctual. I feel that this project took more time to complete than I had predicted and this happened because of unnecessary procrastination. Other than that, I don’t think I will make any changes to this activity. 

Overall, I think my activity was a success. The product I made satisfies all the success criterias I made beforehand. I feel proud of myself not only for completing this project but also knowing that this product will contribute to make my home more organised and safe. This activity was an important learning experience for me. I have never done so much research and investigations for making a simple product out of household items. I have realized the effectiveness of the IB design cycle and how it brings the best out of someone by pushing him/her to the limits. 


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