Writing for the School Newsletter CAS Activity (3)


For this experience, I wanted to pursue literature, as it was something I was usually good at but was never interested in, so I joined the School Newsletter as a writer, after arguing for days, we named ourselves “The Corridors,” and it went well, we plan to write a newsletter to talk about our favorite topics, as well as the recent things that were happening in the world.


As a writer I had to adopt the format of a newsletter, it was very difficult to find good sources as there was very outdated information on almost all of the sites, the drastic changes that happened in the world this year had led many sources to overwhelmed, so we had to search far and wide for good and usable information for our articles. Luckily, research is considered very important in my school, so we were taught a lot of good techniques to find better and trustable sources, while it was difficult to find good sources, it was really easy to extract information from them.


My first article was about the Coronavirus, and the impact it had on the world economy due to the lockdown it had initiated. It was a long article, I had to cut out and compress many parts so it fit the word limit we were going for. Due to this article, I am more aware of how many families are being affected by the virus, and I am thankful for my luck, that I wasn’t hurt to a large extent due to this virus. 


I became more principled after doing extensive research on the coronavirus, I follow all the safety precautions for the coronavirus religiously. Having Economics as a subject helped me understand the indirect implications of the coronavirus on the world economy. The most exciting thing about this experience was when I saw my article on the newsletter website and my name below the article. My opinions have only strengthened after writing this article, about Antimaskers, Trump, and how this virus could’ve been prevented and a large amount of the million people that died wouldn’t have died if not for them.

Evidence – 

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