I began painting after a lengthy period and have continued to do so.
I was greatly influenced by seeing other people’s art.
It turns out there’s a lot happening in our minds and bodies when we make art.


I realised that painting allowed my mind to relax and let go of all the problems that contributed to a high stress level. When I created something beautiful through painting, it stimulated my mind while relieving mental strain. It also boosted my self-esteem and motivated me to reach new levels of skill.


I experimented with a variety of new art techniques, including glass painting and canvas paintings. I even painted the Jars in my house and used my painting to recreate a dream, which I believe was the best thing I did.


I used to get tired after a while of drawing, but here are a few things that kept me going: Forcing myself to draw, experimenting with modern techniques, writing on what I like to draw as well as looking at other artists’ work. After a bit, I began to love it, and quickly it became my latest obsession.


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