Helping the Stray Dogs

Social tasks are very important to do in our everyday life and helping the stray dogs is one of them. In today’s time, people see stray animals going through garbage on the street looking for food and some of them would just rather not see them. People don’t care where the animals go, as long as they’re gone. According to me people look at stray animals and see them as a nuisance. In fact there are over 600 million stray animals all over the world suffering from some or the other thing. Dogs have always been my favourite animal since day one and I can’t see them suffering from pain and abuse. This is why I wanted to be involved in helping the stray dogs. Spending time with dogs can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally it can also keep you active. CAS gave me the opportunity of helping the dogs and making them feel safe. 

During the course of this experience there were some learning outcomes achieved like LO2, LO3, LO4, LO6 and LO7. 

LO2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process. 

Throughout the process it was extremely challenging to handle the stray dogs, as during the month September to December, the small puppies suffer through some disease which is very harmful and infectious. As we made shelter for the dogs in our society so it was challenging to handle people who hated dogs. There were many who raised their voices against us as we were helping the dogs which they didn’t like therefore it was a very tough job for us to help the strays as there was no support from few people. 

LO3 : Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience. 

Feeding the street dog is a very important act and during this pandemic it was very important because the dogs didn’t have anything to eat as people would not go out to feed them so me and my friends thought of feeding the stray dogs in our society and to initiate the experience we made group and allocated time and resources to bring for the dogs. Although the planning was very time consuming as I had to ask my friends to catch up on some time, I didn’t mind it knowing that I had a higher goal of helping stray dogs and keeping them healthy and safe.

LO4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. 

I have been feeding stray dogs since June of 2020 and have been doing it constantly since then. Due to the lockdown, I observed that the stray dogs were suffering through a lot like they were hungry and malnutrition so i decided to work on the idea of helping stray dogs and this became my motivation to stay committed to the idea.  

LO6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

Hunger is a very big problem, being it human or animals. Because of so much problem going on in India due to the pandemic, my friends and I decided to work upon this idea. Most people now-a-days don’t believe in the idea of helping stray animals and because of that many animals die. 

LO7 : Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

As it was the time of covid-19, health and safety is a must so we ensured that we always have our masks and gloves on. Also safety while feeding the stray dogs is also important as some dogs become aggressive and start biting and there are chances that they are not vaccinated so it can become a problem for us. This was the ethical issue involved in the experience. 

In conclusion, it was a great experience to feed the stray dogs and help them in difficult situations. During the course of the activity I developed Caring as a learner profile as I used to care for the dogs by providing them food and helping them during the difficult phase while they were ill because of some type of infection. Helping dogs has always been my favourite hobby and i will keep doing it.  

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