CAS Reflection – Cycling

In this CAS experience, I went cycling every alternate day for about 40 mins covering around 15 kilometres. I went with my friend and we both found this to be a very refreshing and thorough exercise for our thigh muscles. We did this activity over a period of couple months (January to April) and I plan on continuing it even afterwards–increasing my total distance. Cycling proved to be a big help to my knees, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Through cycling, I was also able to work my heart better (cardio)

The learning outcomes I achieved were: LO1, LO2, LO4
LO1: Identify their own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.
LO2: Demonstrate that they have undertaken challenges, developing new skills in the process.
LO4: Show commitment and perseverance in their CAS experience.

The CAS strand catered was: A (activity)

LO1: I decided that with the help of cycling, I will build my endurance and stamina. In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to cycle for even 20 mins but I practiced and now I am able to cycle for 40 mins without tiring or needing a break. This has helped me become fit and also excel in other sports that I play.

LO2: Cycling for long periods of time without taking a break was a very big challenge for me at the start of the experience because I am not good with cardio exercises in general (running/jogging, for example). However, not quitting really helped and I was able to overcome this challenge by cycling regularly and taking slow steps–taking several breaks at the start to not taking breaks at all. This challenge really helped me prove to myself that I can achieve something if I put my mind to it. This helped boost my self-confidence.

LO4: Throughout this experience, I showed a lot of commitment and perseverance, and without it I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal. It was very challenging to actually go for cycling because it was very difficult and boring sometimes. I was required to cycle on my way to my tennis classes in the afternoon heat which made it even more worse but I persevered and went anyway. It is generally an effort for me to actually commit to things but I’m happy I committed to this and actually completed the experience.


  • Learner profile: Well-balanced – this helped my body stay in shape along with my studies.
  • This activity brought a sense of accomplishment because I didn’t think I would be able to achieve it at the start.

A few photos of me cycling as evidence:

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