WFBL -BM Exam (Creativity)

Business Management has always been a subject that has sparked my curiosity, and I’ve always wanted to learn more and delve further into it, which is why I decided to take this exam. Plus my career is also inclined towards Business Management, so this exam has helped me to explore more into the subject. The content for this exam was slightly covered in school but an in depth study material was provided to us for extra practice and preparations. We were given a choice between 4 subsets of BM- Marketing, Management, Global Business and Entrepreneurship out of which I choose Marketing.

LO 2- Demonstrate that challenge have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process:
This test was very challenging, firstly to practice for the test itself was challenging as some concepts were totally new which were not taught to us in our school. So we had to study wide aspects of business management in depth and recall everything in a matter of weeks. It was challenging because we had less time and some concepts were unheard and some were a bit complicated, so understanding them was a bit tricky. I overcome this by highlighting my difficulties and looking for solutions right away, because each chapter was related to the next, which meant that if the previous chapter was unclear, I would struggle to understand the next. Adding on, there were some practice questions given to us, so I would practice the sample questions and then crosscheck the answers to make sure I’m correct. I wasn’t really able to practice time effectively because there was also other school work and assignments to be submitted. Next time, I will try to manage my time properly and make a proper schedule which will help me manage the syllabus more effectively. This was overall a great opportunity where I could develop skills and enhance the knowledge of concepts. I was able to analyse my self management skills and my ability to learn new concepts on my own based on my prior knowledge. I didn’t learn any new skills during the process, but I did refine and master my research and self-management skills. I believe that improving these skills will help me feel more confident in future examinations and tasks that need research or deadlines.

LO 4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experience:
The thing which made this activity difficult was the curriculum of the exam. The syllabus was quite lengthy and as some concepts were new, it was complicated too, I had to understand it all by myself. This needed commitment and perseverance, as it was not a simple task. For the test, I needed to draw on my past knowledge and connect it to the new core concepts and theories offered in the study material. So it was like connected to the dots, my prior knowledge, what we learned it school has helped me discover the new concepts and understand them better. In this test, I had to make a commitment to keep looking for solutions to all of my concerns; as long as I was committed to discover answers, I was able to understand everything completely and move forward without any second thoughts or unanswered questions. Perseverance and commitment is important in all of the activities because it helps understand things better and helps us in achieving our objectives more quickly and easily.

It was a huge learning experience as it allowed me to extend my knowledge of Business Management, as not all the concepts were taught in the school, so I studied from the extra resources given to us. This really helped me to explore more into the subject. The learner profiles that I developed during the course of this experience was Knowledgeable. By studying more and more for the test, I was gaining subject specific knowledge and developed a broad understanding regarding marketing and BM.

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