CAS Experience – Cleaning litter in areas with lack of dustbins (Service)

I wanted to clean the roads myself since i think that there aren’t enough dustbins for people to use. The increase of population is also contributing to this problem.


I wanted to make sure that i am honestly doing my CAS experience, so I had to plan and gather information on all of the areas. I chose the areas near my house because I wanted to see a better view of the road. I had to carefully plan and select areas which have the most frequent visitors, and also place dustbins there.


This CAS experience made sure that I was committed to cleaning as much as possible. I think this project required much more dedication and attentiveness than any other CAS experience, and this would do a great deed for society.

The commitment involved attention to detail, such as checking each place and crevice to clean up plastic. I also had to sort each part into different containers.


Obviously, I could not do this all alone, and so I had to take help from family members and similar people, so that the project can go much faster and much more smoothly. This called for a group project of cleaning, possibly four or five given our time and resources, and the fact that we wasted a lot of time on meetings. Working collaboratively was hard for me at first because I couldn’t communicate very well.

We had tried for many hours on the weekend to clean as much as possible, but we were only able to clean two streets in the end. This was a major setback in the plan as i planned to clean at least 4 or more streets in remote areas.


I wanted to make sure that the streets remain clean. This is a issue of global significance as there is an increasing amount of litter on the streets and it needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.


This CAS experience helped preserve streets and keep them clean. I cleaned streets where there was no one to clean, so that people and me can enjoy the view of the road. Cleaning the roads also eased the work for the cleaners as well.

This experience dealt with the problem of littering, as there are not enough dustbins to throw rubbish in, resulting in people littering on the roads.

Final takeaways: I felt extremely proud of this CAS project as I had done some good for once, for the ecosystem. I will continue to do further research and projects to help the environment.

Final thoughts:

Throughout this activity i developed the learner profile of Care Taker, as i had shown concern towards the state of the road, and that I had done a lot for the environment. For this same this reason the activity benefited the local community.

I achieved a mix of success and failure during this CAS activity as we had initially planned to clean many roads but we ended up successfully cleaning only fewer than planned.

If i had done this activity again I would change the planning i used and I would do longer duration for the cleaning.

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