Feeding food to stray animals

I have seen stary animals going to sleep hungry without eating any food for the day, which is why I thought of using the privilege I have, to provide food to stray animals which included cows and dogs. Hence I planned with one of my friends and decided to meet for providing food to stray animals

Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

The experience required planning as I gathered my friends, and found a place where we could find stray animals (dogs and cows). Furthermore, we had given food to stray animals before, so we had a rough idea of how to go about it.

Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working


Going out with a group surely helped as we could provide food to more animals than I could have given alone and furthermore, it helped us to stand with the animal while giving them food as we had a morale boost in form of our friends nearby.

Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land.

Due to hunger sometimes the animals eat the garbage and much of it is not digestible,

hence they die. This is why we decided to provide them with food that would not make them take harmful actions for the following day.

Learning Outcome 7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

In some or the other way, that we are the ones causing the problem by wasting food which could be of use for these animals. This is why I have started keeping biscuits in my car so that whenever I see a stray animal I can provide them with food and also I have stopped wasting food from my end to a major extend.
To conclude, it was a really enlightening experience and I understood the impact of my actions

and I will definitely try to nullify food wastage on my part.

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