Physical Health (Creativity & Activity)

From the beginning of CAS, I was willing to do something physical whether it was going to the gym or playing a sport or something, but due to the pandemic, I realized this was the perfect time to take care of my physical health. In itself, this made me think of creating a workout plan which I could start with at home, but I wasn’t sure about what to start with first, which is where my football coach helped me in constructing a proper workout in terms of enhancing football skills, cardio, muscular endurance, core, upper body, and lower body.

LO 1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I was always passionate about sports, but focusing on my physical health was new to me and something which I wasn’t serious about until the point I realized this is a massive factor that I should focus on more. I took CAS as an opportunity to give home workouts a try and improve my physical health and fitness during this pandemic. I asked myself what my strength would be in physical fitness. I realized my strengths in physical fitness would be the lower body, which is when I understood to develop and focus on my cardio, muscular endurance, core, upper body, and football skills for my personal growth in football and physical health.

LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Before even starting, I knew there will be challenges such as managing time, not overdoing stuff, and also committing to the plan completely as it is something which I haven’t done ever. Having a coach who would help you throughout the process helped me understand when to stop, when to continue going on and when not to give up because, in the end, it will benefit me. Committing to the workout plan was something I faced myself using my past experiences of not giving up as it was something that will give me an advantage in the end. Through the process, I felt it would be easier to manage my time but, it was not as easy as I thought it would be but in the process, I developed these new skills that will for sure help me in my life. Overcoming the challenges and developing my weaknesses made me confident in myself and made me think nothing’s impossible. This process helped me gain confidence in myself while understanding these new skills in the process of this experience, time-management skills, and balancing skills.

LO 3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I was not an organized person but, this CAS experience made me face the same by making time by compensating on stuff while also understanding other’s schedules, so no one is disturbed in the process. So I created a workout plan that considers everyone’s schedule. As a football player, I added in few twists and turns to help me focus on my football journey while also enhancing my physical fitness, which made me plan and initiates this experience. Knowing I might need to continue the same thing, again and again, making it a little tiring and boring, but, in need of planning a proper workout plan, it helped me be enthusiastic throughout the planning process and experience.

LO 4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Knowing I would have to perform my CAS experience at home, it was a challenge for committing to the experience, throughout this CAS experience, I had to make commitments, I had to use my time effectively, this made me remove the extra time which was taken away by excessive use of gadgets, making it hard for me to commit as who doesn’t like spending time on unproductive technology. I wouldn’t say it was a lot easy to make time but, it was a little easier when I understood the motive behind it, which helped me commit to the process.

LO 7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

As you might know now that my coach helped me in planning the workout plan, my coach sent me a complete workout plan, in the beginning, to help me understand the process and on what field to work. I wanted to add in my touches instead of directly receiving something ready-made. I felt that this experience should be something which I made myself. I then modified the plan according to my weaknesses to progress and show growth so that it is personalized rather than keeping it broad. My coach helped me get the base required for the workout. In the end, I credited my coach for it too.

In the end, it made me realize the potential I had in me. I felt more confident. A couple of learner profile characteristics were developed through this activity, Balanced and Risk-taker. I could see the growth in me after every day. It made me appreciate the people around me who give out time to take care of their physical health. It makes you more confident and lively. This experience also helps me develop my current knowledge, which is an improvement upon my past knowledge. This activity opened me up to a new whole me, which I am more honorable of, and I am grateful to experience such emotion. This is now something that I will keep on continuing irrespective of CAS.


A couple of videos from a small category of my workout:

My workout plan for this experience:

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