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For me, Video editing is an art of crafting new stories for entertaining people. It is how you showcase a video in front of the audience in a way from which they feel that this video is ‘Entertaining’. Video editing is mainly done to show your emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness, inspiration, motivation, etc, to the audience so that they can connect to them.

LO1 : I never thought I can edit a video like many video editors do and make it look really attractive to the audience but then I thought of trying it on a video editing software known as Adobe Premiere Pro and it turned out that I was quite good at learning new techniques of video editing just through watching YouTube videos of how others do it in their videos. I was before trying to edit others video and making them look more good but then I thought of why not edit my own videos?, as the games I play I can just record it and edit them to make it entertaining for the audience and that turned out to be really good as they new tips I learned from YouTube of video editing, I used all of them on my Video and it turned out to look really good. In conclusion I identified one more strength of mine which is quick learning of the things I like to do.

LO2 : When I just started Video Editing I faced many challenges such as not having a proper video editor as they all were paid editing software’s and my parents wont allow me for using them and so I had to research a lot to find a proper free video editor and later on I found ‘Kine Master’ which is a phone video editing app and has helped me learn a lot more new things about video editing through just making new videos each day. I also had no clue what video editing was at first as I just entered this field but I overcame this challenge too by seeing different videos of how people edit their videos on Kine Master and learning them to use in my next video.

LO4 : When I published my first edited video on YouTube, i never thought people will get entertained by my video and I got many loving comments on my first video which boosted my interest in Video Editing and I planned to create more edited Videos so that people can get entertained by them. As I made more videos, the love people were giving increased as each video got published and then I decided I wont stop editing videos for the rest of my Life as I found it as my second passion after Rapping.

LO5: I collaborated with one of my friends for this noble cause, it helped us in a way to d our part for betterment of the society. Together we motivated each other to regularly feed dogs and don’t decide to back away from this.

LO6 : As in Video Editing field, you can edit any kind of Video. Me being a person who likes to try different things, I implements my video editing skills on my upcoming Rap Song ‘Paida Hote Hi’ and this is also contributing to the Global Issues such as Depression and I wanted to make it grow as much as I could and so I edited the Video Myself so more audience could get fond of it.

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