CAS – Cycling

My physical activity was reduced due to the lockdown and was feeling unfit. So I decided to go cycling and become active. The other reason was to complete my CAS experience. Cycling also helps in training leg muscles.

LO1 – Through cycling, I was able to identify some of my strengths and was able to identify the areas where I need the works to improve. I was very good at the consistency of cycling, as I didn’t quit even if I was tired I went the day also early in the morning. The thing I need to improve is that my legs became tired very easily, I have to cycle everyday to increase my stamina.

LO2 – The challenge for me was to wake up early in the morning. At the start, I was feeling very sleepy but after some days I got used to it, and it became easy for me to wake up early in the morning.

LO3 – Planning this CAS experience is very important, as I have to manage time and be punctual in waking up and going for cycling. Time plays an important role here because if I go late for cycling the heat from the sun can be a major problem. Because of the heat, we can become more dehydrated and consumes more energy. So with the help of alarms, I was able to wake up on time and leave.

I tracked the progress of one of my rides in an app, which helped me to know how much was I riding and track other details like time is taken, speed, etc.

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