It is really important to take care of your body spiritually, physically and mentally. By working out 3 times a week I was able to maintain my body physically and mentally. I worked out with my gym trainer 3 times a week for the past 5 months. Working out also helps me mentally as when i am stressed about certain things working out helps me to divert my mind and feel fresh.

LO 1- I had never done gym workouts before and I was new at it. So in the beginning I felt some challenges trying new equipment and exercises that I had never done before. During work out it is very essential to have a correct body posture and in the beginning I was struggling to keep the correct posture. So in the beginning I only focused on my stretching to make my posture correct, because of this I felt that working out was boring and was not motivated towards it but once I got my posture right I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly and I also started enjoying working out.

LO 2- I have always been a sporty person but I always used to play different sports so working out in the gym was a little new to me and different. I had my session early morning at 6 am so I had to wake up by 5:30 which was a challenge for me, as that meant that I also had to sleep early so that I could get sufficient sleep. Also I wasn’t used to waking up so early. But doing this also helped me as I was fresh the entire day and did not feel lazy. As a person I am very lazy so the other challenge I faced was to set my mind and convince myself to workout. But as time passed I started enjoying it and automatically I was motivated to work out and did not need any motivation. By this I learned to become more flexible and started changing myself based on the circumstances which will help me in the future to adapt to any change.

LO 4- Knowing how lazy I am during the start of my sessions I never thought I would be able to take them seriously and continue them long term. But once I started with the sessions I slowly started gaining interest and understand why maintaining your body is important for your health. From the start I have been committed to follow the food restrictions given by by trainer and be punctual during sessions. I used to work out every 3 days days a week but after gaining interest I sometimes also workout alone when my trainer doesn’t come. 

LO 6- During this pandemic it was difficult for me to go out and continue playing the sports that I like but it was also necessary that I maintain my health and body. It was also important to have a healthy immune system to fight covid-19. By working out I was able to maintain my body and also with the food restrictions I started eating more healthy food which helped me improve my immune system. During this experience I improved upon time management skill as I learned to divide my time and focus on all the things. It also helped me stay balanced.

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