I wish to pursue business management for my career. I have always been fond of learning business management. I felt like taking this exam would really help me and test my knowledge on the topic. The syllabus of the exam was covered to an extent from our school but still there was a lot for which I had to study myself with extra practice and study material. There were different fields for which you could give the exam. I chose to give the exam for Management as my future career was inclined towards it.

LO 2- The practising part for the exam was quite difficult and challenging for me as I had to practice for the test myself and most of the concepts which were going to come in the exam were not taught in our school. The challenging part was that I had too much portion to cover in too little time.To find a better way to complete the entire syllabus and do that in an effective way I first read through the entire syllabus and kept the topics that I haven’t learned yet in my mind.So when I started with the revision I gave most of my time to these topics and topics that I am not well versed with. At the end of every day I used to complete one practice paper and then cross check it with the answer paper so that I know how much I have progressed. Along with this I also had to prepare for my term exams. It was hard for me to divide my time and remove some time to practice for this exam. I made a schedule where I finalized how much time I will spend everyday and how I will divide it. During this time I developed my time management skills. I started to realize how by managing my time I can get my work done more efficiently. With the help of this I will be able to prepare well and be more confident for my future exams or submissions.

LO 4- The difficult part about this experience was that there was a lot of syllabus left to cover and we had less time to do that. The syllabus was lengthy and most of it we were left to study, which meant we had to study them from the beginning.I knew that the moment I lost commitment and perseverance towards completing the syllabus I would not be able to do it. I had to remember what I had already learned and then relate it to the new concepts, so that it gets easier for me to understand and remember. It was necessary that I stayed committed so that I could complete the portion and be able to get good marks. Staying committed helped me stay on track and learn all the new concepts in time. I believe it is important that you are committed and show perseverance for anything you do in order to complete that task successfully.

This entire experience was really helpful to me and it increased my knowledge on business management.This helped me with researching and learning new concepts which i never learned before. I developed the knowledgeable learner profile during this experience. By studying and learning new concepts and getting to know about business management expanded my knowledge about it.

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