CAS Experience 7 (Speech Competition)

Speech Competition – Creativity

Parul University, Baroda conducted a Speechmaster competition 2.0 which consisted of 4 rounds and 600 participants . The first round was the elimination round where the participants had to frame their own topic and speak on it. Framing a topic was a task and then preparing for a speech was again a handful . I tried to select a topic based on the current scenario . When I was satisfied with the content , I sent it to the organizers. Two days later , I received a mail saying that I was selected for the quarter finals round , which was scheduled online . The challenge here was , the topics were to be given on the spot to the participants by the judges . With little to no time , the participants were supposed to prepare the speech . Here at this stage ,when it was my turn it was quite challenging to understand , comprehend and speak on the topic given to us impromptu .

Here I am able to recognize the Learning Outcome 2 which is : “Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken , developing new skills in the process ” ,where I faced this hurdle but was able to manage it and give my best . I learned to prepare my thoughts , organize them and present them at a faster pace.

I am also able to recognize the Learning Outcome 1 which is “Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth” . I didn’t know that I could organize my thoughts and present them with little hurdles. I identify this as my strength.

LO3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and and plan a CAS experience

For this CAS experience , I had to begin with the planning and according to the flow of the competition . I started of with the elimination round and planned thoroughly for my topic and other details as per the format given to us . Moving forward , I understood and followed the format and procedure for the next round and prepared an on the spot speech and got selected for the finals . Therefore , even a competition as such as this , required a planning and follow-up procedure to follow.

The results were due the next day , and to my surprise I was selected for the semi-finals which was held at the university itself. Although I couldn’t attend the semi finals at Baroda , I was quite happy to be able to participate in the competition and qualify for the semi finals . 

The LEARNER PROFILE ATTRIBUTES with which I could identify myself with are as follows :

Thinkers –When I was selected for the quarter finals round , as per rules we were given a topic on the spot and were supposed to prepare in a short time and present our ideas effectively and convince the judges . Here I approached the topic given to me creatively and critically talked about stating facts common to all and resented it fluently.

Knowledgeable -As per the instructions , we were supposed to give an impromptu speech if selected for the quarter finals . For the same , I thought of going through the current events in spotlight and gain as much as local and global knowledge via news and newspaper so as to be ready and prepared for the quarters finals round.

Communicators– Communication fluently and thoroughly was very important to clear for this speech competition . The speech had to be understandable and clear for the judges to comprehend and mark us on the basis of the same , with communication and hold on the language as an important criteria.

Risk Takers – The situation that we participants were put in was one of uncertainty where we didn’t know what topic we might be given to prepare a speech upon . It seemed daunting at first , but as soon as the topic was given on the spot , with courage and forethought and a clear mind I was able to put forward my thoughts and opinions and give the required speech.


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