Reflection – Volunteered at Cry

Description – This organisation works towards ensuring happier childhoods for all children. It is a non-profit organisation. As a priviledged student, I want to give back to the society and Cry exactly does that by empowering and educating students with fewer opportunities. This tries to foster a positive environment and motivates them to nurture. Therefore, in times like these when the learning for these poor people has become even more difficult, I would teach them and be a part of other activites such has crowdfunding & competitions at the organisation.

LO-3 – Internally, I had to be prepared with the dance classes I was going to take. Consequently, I had to plan in advance of what was supposed to be done. Sometimes, I had to be mindful of the choices I make for the classes. The reason is because, sometimes, students are not really wanting to learn something new, so to keep them engaged I used to also keep play sessions with them to keep the classes light or maybe make them do something other than normal lessons. 

LO-5 – In my experience, teaching requires collaboration with other students. I had collaborated with other volunteers to conduct the dance classes with the students. Moreover, I had to even communicate with other facilitators in the process of my volunteering experience: the reason Cry being so huge as an organisation. Additionally, I was even part of a fundraiser(Girls Education – Platform Ketto) and photography competition(securded 1st position across India). As a result, I had enhanced my communication and public interaction skills. 

LO-6 – Furthermore, the experience tries to curb the global issue of increased inequalities amongst people and gender biases. Specifically, I worked with girls who were studying in their lower years of high school. This directly corresponds to avoiding potential gender biases. In addition, I worked with the poor students who couldn’t afford the holistic development classes such as dance, visual arts, drama, etc. These activities tend to be premium and come after the need of basic education. In such a case, they would learn a lot of skills that are not only academic oriented but also comprehensive in a child’s overall development. Overall, there are now more opportunities for poor people like them who live in rural areas of the city.


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