Business Management club (Creativity and Activity)

The BM club is for the people who are interested in Business Management, it is where everyone comes together and shares their knowledge and perspectives on various topics. As business is something that I want to do in the future,  I joined the club and took part in the discussion happening. The club helps in gaining knowledge from the people of my age and also from some experienced individuals who conducted guest sessions in the club. 

During the course of this experience there were some learning outcomes achieved like LO1,LO2, LO4, LO5, LO6 and LO7. 

LO1 : Identify your own strengths and develop areas for growth.

Business Management Higher Level is one of my subjects in IBDP and this helped me realise that I have a lot of prior understanding about the subject. The interest in the subject was my greatest strength for participating in the club. This strength of mine helped me to improve my knowledge about the real world context and acted as an advantage to gain knowledge about the businesses in today’s market. Communication skills is what I am not good at and this was something that I had to develop during the course of the club, so participating in discussions and attending the guest lectures helped me to improve this skill.  

LO2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process. 

As mentioned above, I lack communication skills so it was a challenge for me to present my opinions or views to the other members of the club. This is something that has also troubled me during our classes in school also as speaking among a group of people is not something that I can do easily. Communication is something that is very vital in day-to-day life as everyday we need to communicate with others and express our ideas, so during the course this was something that I improved. 

Adding on managing time was also a challenge for me as in IBDP we have a lot of submissions to do and delaying the submission is not something that is allowed so it was very important to have balance. 

LO4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. 

As the club includes a lot of people it is very important to show commitment and perseverance, despite the fact that it is so easy to have to accumulate information on the subject. As a student of the IB Diploma Programme, I had a lot of work piled up to complete and managing time was quite challenging. It is obvious that I sympathize with the participation of this club, as I did my research and I did not compromise my work / timing. I worked well throughout the experience and displayed the commitment towards the CAS experience even though the use of online platforms was a problem. 

LO5 : Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Everyone there in the club was serious and wished to participate and discuss the business case studies and provide their opinions and this was a benefit for me as working with a gaggle can generally be tough on behalf of me as I don’t like it if there is distraction but it was not the case in this club. Having group discussions are often very useful as we get to be told new things from our peers and obtain to understand totally different opinions on numerous topics which might cause us to be open-minded. Here, leadership was demanded so as to urge the discussion heading in the right direction as sometimes the discussions get amused to different topics which have no or some little connection with the discussion. 

LO6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance. & LO7 : Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

In this club we had a discussion about the decisions of different businesses and their results.When talking about the decisions, mainly the point of discussion is on the ethics  of the businesses. Talking about ethics, it is extremely important for a company to survive in the market. During the discussions we came across companies who follow ethics and also companies that do not take ethics into consideration. Knowing about how ethical violations can affect the people around and it can be an issue globally, made me aware of the importance of business ethics. This learning of mine should be passed on to as many people as possible.

In conclusion, joining this BM club was a great experience and it was really informative throughout. During the course, the learner profile attributes that I developed are Communicator and Open-minded. Communication was very important in this club as we had to give our views and opinions in front of all the people in the club. And when we are giving or someone else is giving their opinion, it is important to accept others view and be open-minded. Overall the club was interesting as it was related to one of my favourites subject which is Business Management.

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