Learning a New Language (French) (Creativity)

Learning a new language is something that i have liked a lot, so as a part of my CAS experience i took the opportunity to learn French as it is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world, also French is the official language of many of the international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, the European Union and many more. Also I plan to pursue doing Business in the future, so learning new languages can help me to communicate with people around the world if I would like to expand my business.  I think that even if you can speak English fluently plus your mother tongue, there is still a need to learn something new as it opens up windows of opportunities. 

Throughout the short journey of learning French, I demonstrated LO2 and LO4. 

LO2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process. 

As French is a language that I never learned before so I knew nothing about it so it was challenging at the start to understand the meaning of the words in English while doing the course. I used to get confused a lot when it came to pronouncing the words in French. Well Duolingo was a helping hand for me to clear the doubts and learn French. It is very important for us to undertake new challenges so that we can experience something that takes us to different horizons. Undertaking challenges also helps us to grow as an individual and gain awareness, knowledge and skills. 

LO4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.

Showing commitment and perseverance in this experience was required a lot as dedicating time for the course everyday is a challenge, managing the school study time and all tasks to be completed. The difficult part in this experience was determination as learning a new language in one or two days is not easy, I had to dedicate time everyday and if I missed taking a course for a few days it became challenging for me to focus and cope up with what i learnt before. It is very important for us to show commitment and perseverance to produce the focus and consistency you need to keep your eye on the target. In addition it is an important character trait for us to be successful in life. 

To conclude, It was a great experience learning a new language. During the course of the experience I developed the learner profile attributes communicator and knowledgeable. As French was an new language for me to learn it was vital to be knowledgeable while learning it through online platform. The learning from this activity would help me in the future to communicate better when I meet some new people around the world.

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