CAS Reflection – Frisbee tournament

In this CAS experience, I participated in a local frisbee tournament organized by my schoolmates. I have played frisbee since 2017 and it has been a very important part of my life. Through frisbee, I learned collaboration, communication and leadership. Playing with teammates was very different than playing individually (most of the sports I play are individual). I also learned how to understand my teammates’ situations and skillset. I played frisbee in this tournament after a break of a year. Through this tournament I could see what my game had become and how I got along with my teammates–we were 4 girls in one team.

The learning outcomes I achieved were: LO1, LO5
LO1: Identify their own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.
LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

The CAS strand catered was: A (activity)

LO1: One of my strengths in frisbee is my handling skill. I am good at handling the disc as the main ‘connector’, and my defense skills are also average, however, my cutting skills (running for the disc) are an area for personal growth and in this tournament I got to play through all 3 positions and I also learned to assign roles to my other teammates and got assigned roles myself. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses helped me get better communication with my teammates and play my role in the team more effectively.

LO5: Working with others is generally not difficult for me, because I can comprehend what others are trying to say. In team sports, working collaboratively is imperative because without it, the team cannot progress. In this tournament, my teammates and I worked collaboratively by understanding our strengths and weaknesses and playing matches by utilizing our strong points. We also explored new positions and tried to improve our skill set. Without working collaboratively, the team would have collapsed and not score points. By reducing any internal conflict, we were able to focus on winning together!


  • Learner profiles: communicator – without communication the team wouldn’t score points, reflective – my teammates and I reflected on what was done wrong and how to improve on that
  • If I could change something in this activity, I would want to practice more with my teammates before a tournament to achieve better results.

Evidence: photos of the tournament

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