My second Cas experience is photography. I always had a deep passion for photography and the way photographs can express the world, such as the beauty of nature, close-up photos, etc. I chose photography for the creativity component. I have been clicking photos since i was a child nonetheless because of all the assignments and responsibilities i had as a student I became irregular. But this experience gave me another chance to regain my interest in photography and accomplish it this time.

L1Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

 Photography helped me in finding out my strengths that are being creative and paying attention to details, and weakness that is I am very impatient and lack concentration which hinders my photography, but I did not lose hope and was confident as i was aware of my mistakes and how can i improve it so I started working on my weakness by meditating, which increased my focus level and even helped me in studies/exams as I could focus much more in all subjects. Now I am much more confident and can even take better photos by clicking at the right time. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

It is important for us to know our weaknesses because it makes us aware of where we are lacking and then we can improve in those areas.

L2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Developing new skills was one of my aims as to why I chose photography as an experience. Photography was challenging at first to click photos with specific skills and techniques but with the help of my dad and the guides, I achieved it. The most challenging part for me was to take a pic of a moving object and standing still to take a perfect pic if not you will miss you click of the day photo.I also did fishing once which is similar to photography as one has to stand still for a long time in order to catch a fish however I overcame this eventually by going on trips with my dad just for photography to gain more experience and practice. I started clicking photos of moving cars and animals to get better at it. In addition to this I gained knowledge about my (DSLR) camera and discovered some new features that I didn’t know before like shutter priority mode which is great for motion photography, as you can simply select the shutter speed you want to use, and the camera’s metering system will automatically adjust the aperture for correct exposure. At last, undertaking this challenge really made me feel content because undertaking new challenges helps you progress in life. 

L4-Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

You have to put commitment into it even if it is hard, and punctuality is required to complete this activity. It is important to put in commitment and perseverance because it gives time to the aim, and gives you the appropriate time and utilizing the most of it helps you achieve your goal but without it you cannot complete or achieve your goal, 

 I have to carry my dslr everywhere I go so that I get every opportunity and chance to click a good photo. Procrastination was my main enemy as it was stopping me from showing commitment and perseverance. However I took care of it by promising myself a reward each time I achieved my goal. I did this because it is important to show commitment and perseverance in order to produce the focus and consistency you need and to make it over the rough spots and setbacks.

Final Take away

This experience developed a learner profile characteristic of thinker and Caring in myself. As mentioned in the article I have been clicking photos since I was a child and I loved taking photos of nature and animals. There were times where i went on photography trips with my dad such as in masai mara (africa) which is famous for its wildlife and saw some very disturbing things like rhinos extincting, this made me realise that we humans are not taking, saving animal conservations seriously and are not fulfilling our responsibilities instead we are focusing on only our own benefits and economic growth/development this made me perceive of how we are disrupting the nature and how we should focus more on environmental then any other area.

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