Home garden

My 8th experience is taking care of plants. I have two whole balconies filled with plants and every single day my mom gives them water so in this pandemic i decided to take the initiative and water the plants and take care of them. Taking care of the plants doesn’t matter if it is in the house or  outside. It helps the environment and brings more greenery and quality air in the house. Home gardening is an easy job and no one should have trouble doing it as at the end of the day it is for our mother earth.

L5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

My mom is a big enthusiast of plants which is the reason our two of the balconies are completely filled with plants. My mom has been taking care of plants for years now and in this pandemic and cas opportunity allowed me to take the initiative of giving plants with the help of my mother as she is an expert. I need her expertise because in terms of plants she has much more knowledge than I have . Without her guidance and supervision all my plants would have died which would just simply make me sad. Before the pandemic me and my mom were focused on our own work and we did not talk much to talk about however because this experience enabled me to bond with her. Working with my mom not only made the experience fun but also much quicker as the productivity increased. 

L6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

India has been progressively being economically developed however we have totally forgotten about the environment because of which the sustainability of nature is decreasing day by day and if right now no steps would be taken in the forthcoming future there would be no life. This is another reason I took the initiative  to take care of the plants I had in my home. This would not help significantly but we can call it a first step to sustain the environment’s future.

L7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

When I started growing my own plant I didn’t have the patience for it to grow. I didn’t realise that it is a plant which has to go through stages before becoming an adult. I became so impatient that I considered putting in a large amount of chemical fertilizer so that it can grow fast. Nonetheless I recognized the ethics of my future actions and realised that it is wrong and unethical for someone to give plants excessive chemical fertilizer as this will not only give suffering to the plant but it will also have a harmful effect on us. 

The final takeaway

The learner profile I achieved was thinker as I had to research which type of plant grows in what way and if I am doing everything correctly or not. I had to research about how a certain type of plant needs a specific amount of light water etc.I also developed the profile of caring as I had to take care of these plants as they were by children because I had tio water them every single day and make sure their requirements are met. This activity was the most fun experience for me because I did not only get to bond with plants but also with my mom.

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