CAS Project – Creating An Online Gaming Society

As I didn’t have many friends who play games, I decided to create a gaming society online with friends who do play games. This initiative was done to help people get to know each other during the times of Covid-19 and be socially active.

I did identify my strengths which were to code the markup and graphical user interface of the website and my weaknesses were to code the back-end of the website called MemeOMania. As I knew about them, I was able to rely on others for their help. It is important to know about our strengths and weaknesses as that helps us develop as human beings and makes us better as there is nothing you can’t learn. I would like to work on my weaknesses but as there were other people to depend on, it was okay for me to just focus on my strengths.

The challenging thing for me was to keep everything intact and be aligned and not make it unorganized. It was challenging as there was something which was misaligned when I checked everything, so I had to find the problem in the code and then redo the mistake many times. I did do CSS when I was learning it in 8th Grade and in MYP Digital Design Extended, but I have never used it for a full-scale project. Undertaking this challenge wasn’t so much new to me as I have used CSS before, but this was way more difficult as we had to keep communicating as well.

The skills I developed in this project would be essential as coding is very important in the future and it will help me throughout life. These new skills make me feel more confident. It is important to undertake new challenges as combating and enhancing yourself through challenges makes you help develop new skills which can be of need in later stages of life.

I organized myself by making a schedule to code certain parts of the user interface and the graphical display. After that I had to keep meetings with other members of the project group to make sure everything is fine. Usually, I am not a very organized person in terms of daily life. The ‘planning’ stage was difficult in this project as there were many flowcharts and algorithms in use and that all helped me to plan out an interface and other sections of the code. I discovered that I wasn’t cut out for back end coding as it required high-level knowledge of Computer Science which isn’t one of my subjects; however, I did know how to code CSS, and so, I was able to do well in that field. I think planning will be easier in the future as I learned many techniques to plan out things with this project. Planning and initiating something makes a way for oneself dependent on the decisions one makes. These plans and initiatives can outline the sort of individual one needs to be. These plans can assist individuals with being organized and see their initiatives and ultimate objective, which is crucial to predict.

This activity was difficult in terms of perseverance and commitment as there were many times I was ready to give up when something was misaligned and not getting resolved even after hours of trial and error. After I did do it, I felt very relieved. My commitment level depends on what I am being committed. If the work is possible, I will be committed, but if I know that it’s very difficult and will take a huge chunk of my time, I am more likely to slack on the work and do it for the sake of it.

Working with other people depends on how well I know them. If I do know them I can trust them, and if I do not, I can’t trust them properly, which creates a difference in how well I work with them. It was very easy for me to work with others in this project as it was with my friends and I know them very well. I did not have to work with anyone difficult. It is important to work collaboratively as other people can identify your weaknesses much easier than finding them yourself, which helps you improve. The importance of teamwork in my project was communication and assigning tasks.

The issues of global significance are mental health and social interaction. They are important globally as many people suffer from them and I know about them as they are widely known. These global issues help me be more sympathetic towards people who suffer from mental illnesses or I feel of need for people in need of social interaction and by helping to create this website. It improves my personal growth by giving me an opportunity to help people socially. This website can help people who are interested in a topic, talk to others and communicate and get social interaction.

The ethical issues that were involved in this activity were that people can post any opinion on the platform and as some people can sometimes post some things which are inappropriate or are offensive to some people which can cause fights or social riots. This issue affects me directly as I am one of the creator of this platform and would be considered as a stakeholder. I cannot do about anything though, as people are allowed to express themselves on this platform. Inappropriate content can be filtered out and deleted by the moderators, however offensive content would not be cleared out very easily as it is considered as a personal opinion. The issue made me feel more participative in the project even after the main website was completed. My opinion is that people should be allowed to post anything that helps them express themselves and be accepted on a social platform; however to an extent where people shouldn’t get too much offended by it and this opinion has stayed the same even after the activity.

The Learner Profile Attributes I demonstrated in this project are Inquirers as I asked for help to other group members and people online where I got stuck in a code. Knowledgeable as I explored the concepts of computer science and coding through the use of CSS. Communicators as I communicated to people in my group and also with other people to resolve certain issues. And Open-Minded as all opinions will be accepted on the platform created.


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