Facing a lockdown for 2 consecutive years people have not had a chance to focus on their physical health, and there haven’t been any marathons since 2016. All the members of this project love running and would like to organize a public-level event to engage their families and the people of any country. We thought a marathon would be a fun way to get a chance to run and raise funds. For this reason, we decided that we want to organize a public marathon which will also bring in money that can be donated. We organized it virtually as the person does the task at their preferred time and place and submit us their data by 19 Sep midnight, and this should be done from the apps and links that we provide them. This was done to maintain the covid guidelines and keep everyone safe.


While I was organizing the Eduthon I came across many things that showed me my strengths and weaknesses. The strengths that I can list are that I am a very collaborative person and tend to do good work with others and also I think that I was committed to mastery and that was a strength because while trying to achieve mastery we did everything on time and our work was distributed among everyone and the work was done on the exact deadlines. I also came across one of my weaknesses and that was not having enough patience because whenever I needed to know something I didn’t give the other person time and demanded an answer at that same point of time. Now that I know about these strengths and weaknesses I think that I’ll build upon my strengths and I’ll try and do meditation and yoga to build my patience and make myself a calmer person because I think that If I would work on my weakness I could be a better person while giving exams and doing my work because having better patience would let me sit for a good while of time and complete my work. 


The thing that was most challenging in this Project was time management and managing people. It was challenging for me because we had to do this project in the month where we had a lot of submissions like EE, IA, and TOK, So I had to manage everything and I also had to give my fullest to this project because I wanted it to be a banger also It was challenging because while we started this Project we were 6 people in the group to organize this but at the end 3 people who did it because everyone else left because of their own suitable reason. Also, I never did any project on this scale before and this was the first time I did something like this and I have to say that it was one hell of an experience because it turned out so well. I overcame the challenges listed above by doing the things that I thought I couldn’t do at first because doing them helped me overcome many things, one of which is managing time and workload. Now I feel a completely different person because I have now overcome the challenges that I thought were impossible and have learned skills that will help in my life ahead and in College.


Our group was searching for an Idea that suited us best and we came across the marathon idea and liked it so much that we had a meeting in the evening same day with our parents to get their authorization and then we started it by pitching our idea to school and getting authorization. I also am an organized person. Usually, I have everything organized and I have everything in my reach, But planning this was a big deal because this was Gujarat’s one of the first teenagers organized events and because we all were teenagers we were often considered below a maturity and financial level mand people tried to get their way through us either to get free entries or to take money from us than needed. I could say that I did not discover any new particular skills that I didn’t have before but I can surely say that I improved my skills a lot while doing this and that may not be a big deal for anyone else but for me that was something to be counted as. I think that after this project the planning and execution will be easier because I know what are the things that have to be taken care of first before anything else because we faced a lot of problems by not knowing these things like how also a minimal amount of money can cause a problem. I think that our planning was enough at our level but could have been better and will be better from next time and also this event taught me the importance of planning events because planning gives you a clear vision and that is very helpful while working because we already know what’s about to happen and when. 


The things that made this activity difficult and gave a need for continuous commitment was that this was one of the first teenagers organized sports events, then the timetable and deadlines are given to us by the school and also the last but not the least that was our commitment and work towards mastery. We were having submissions and commitment towards mastery at the same time so we had to give this project out time that it needed but also a lot that will affect us at the end and even made us irritated at the end of a hectic day. This was a self-motivated event that means we had to advertise it through social media and to do that we had to add posts and stories about this Social Media and after that, we had to answer the queries of every single person no matter if he is going to enroll or not. It was not easy to be committed because I am not very active on Social Media and also my family always restricts my social media time so they are too tired to make it as low as possible and this made it hard to be committed.  


It’s easy for me to work as a team or to work in a group. I think that I am a perfect fit for a team project because of my good communication skills. I try taking part in every group activity in our grade. I also try to be part of every club that I can be. I think that my strength while working in a group is that I am good whenever I am dividing work among the group. But this was also the only problem that I faced while working in a group this time. Due to different people having different timetables we were not free every time for a meeting and discussion. So whenever we had to schedule a team meeting we had to do it when everyone was free and Scheduling and working together made that hatred. Also working with others creates a faculty of different speeds and that makes your work go a lot slower than you think and that every time harms your schedule and planning.


Our project mainly focused on helping the education of Unprivileged children. This is the UN goal 4 “Quality Education”, This is an important goal because quality education can change everything around us because If we’ll donate all our profits towards the betterment of life and education of the unprivileged we’ll make them better people because everyone has a capacity to learn and study but many of them don’t have the resources and as we provide them resources they can do whatever we are and improve their standard of living. Also If our profits will provide them the resources I think that the correct usage of those resources would further provide them equal opportunities. Knowing about this global issue makes me do more for these children because we have resources and we can provide them and if we do that we can create this world a better place because education will increase the literacy rate and even more is that it will increase the standard of living for a lot more people.


Organizing a big event comes with a load of work and proper management. We, as the organizers, need to prioritize the security of the participants and provide them with a guarantee and trust that the event they are registering for is not a scam. The team also provides assurance regarding the processes that might take place further, and all the data and personal information that they hand over to us will remain confidential. Conducting this event required ethical courses, which will help us bring in more participants as it was not like any other marathon/cyclotron, and this would help us show how our event stands out.

Conclusion –

This event helped me gain insight into the field of event organizing and to understand the number of effort and time is put into organizing a single event.

Evidence -:

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