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Today I designed to help my friends with economic theories, and at the same time use it as an CAS experience, as It would be considered a service, while at the same time, I can strengthen my knowledge on the topics I teach my friends. I have decided to teach 2 of my friends, who are not lacking but need bit more help in understanding the concepts of the economic chapters.


I have narrowed down the topics they need help in, for the upcoming term end exams in December. The topics would be: Government intervention, elasticities, and paper 3 practice. I want to make a proper plan for them to be able to utilize the time properly while being able to have time for other subjects as well.


I had instructed them to read the oxford chapters regarding the concepts, so today I used Jacob Clifford’s videos to clear their doubts, without making it more complicated, as If I had a small mistake while explaining them, it would lead to them losing marks in their term end exams, and possibly mine too. So I just had them learn all theories and all the small doubts they had later were cleared by me using the oxford book as reference.


I had them revise all concepts they had learned yesterday and keep revising until our next class which was the last class where I would ask them verbally questions based on a practice paper provided by our teacher. It is prepared for exam styled questions, though it doesn’t include paper 3, there is not enough time left for sir to request a proper verbal Q&A like this one, unfortunately time doesn’t permit us to let me conduct a proper test like session for paper 3 practice for my students.


Today I had them attempt the revision exam styled question paper, I had to use a helper, to manage the meet, while I presented the questions on a windows document software, because of having a helper, it was easy as I didn’t have to switch tabs often, and when they wrote answers the helper could relay them to me, making it faster and more efficient, leading to more questions being covered from the practice paper.


Both of them were correctly able to answer most questions, but had little issue in framing their sentences, which can easily be fixed with just little economic terms revision, and just skimming through YouTube videos.


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