BM Club: Creativity

I was a member of the Business Management Club organized by the students of my grade. The purpose of this club was to share and gain knowledge about the recent business news and how it affects our world/lives. In the club we had a lot of business and entrepreneurial discussions and debates which helped students interested in a career in business think more deeply about it. 

LO 1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Business was never something I necessarily had an interest in and so joining this club was something way out of my comfort zone. During the first few meetings I wasn’t sure if this club was something I would continue to be part of since I did not enjoy the subject much and couldn’t contribute to the discussions as much as others did. I believed that there was nothing to share as my knowledge was comparatively very less. However, as more meetings passed by, I realized that this challenge was actually fun. Discussing new topics with other members and different theories of management, I realized that business management, entrepreneurship and marketing is something that I thoroughly enjoyed learning about and applying it in real life. I realized that even though I did not have much knowledge in the beginning, I still did have a natural business sense especially in functions like marketing and ethics from which I could contribute a lot in the discussions. This experience not only opened my options in terms of career but gave me a sense of passion towards something which I was longing for all my school years. I not only gained more knowledge about business management but with this I also got to develop my problem solving skills and communication skills. Through this club I read different case studies, analysed the problem and discussed possible solutions to their problem. 

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Like I mentioned earlier, this club wasn’t something I was enjoying in the beginning, and so showing commitment and being persistent was a huge challenge for me personally. Due to this I found myself procrastinating and unable to find motivation to participate as it made me feel quite inferior to other students who had a vast knowledge in business functions. However, I had to convince myself to take up this challenge and complete it even if it were just for the sake of CAS. In doing so, I found actual passion and flair for this subject and so participating in club activities, staying committed to my tasks, engaging in discussions and involving myself in debates came very easily with it. This made me realize that I should be more open to challenges a

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Being an introvert, I often find it difficult working in groups and sharing my ideas with others, but during group activities conducted in the club meetings I started working well with others and I noticed that with it I have expanded my knowledge a lot more. Having to share my ideas made me seem more approachable and warm to my peers which is important since collaboration in clubs is key to growth. This self transformation from being a complete introvert to a more opportunistic person came from this experience if not all because of it. 

Learner Profile 

During this experience I got to become an active communicator as I was forced to participate which fostered long term speaking and presenting skills. I also developed the learner profile knowledgeable as I learned about a completely new and different subject which added value to my overall academic skills. 

Lastly, this experience helped me to work well in groups, share my ideas and at the same time gain knowledge on these topics from others. I’m very glad I took up this challenge and not give up when things got hard and mundane for me because it gave me a possible new career option, gave me a sense of accomplishment and in the end I was able to go through this journey of self-improvement through this venture which is very important in life.

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