CAS Project: Organising Ganpati Event

Ganpati is an event celebrated by most Indians in India. It is an event that sparks joy due to the huge decorations people prepare for the descent of Lord Ganesha. They often spend a hefty amount of money, as Lord Ganesha is revered by most people. Ganpati event is celebrated by most society, while they have separate decorations, the emotions leading to it, will always be the same. It was a very interesting and joyful experience to conduct a Ganpati event in our society. It was indeed a joyous event for all the society members, while also serving as a medium for donations to charity. The learner profile attributes achieved were balanced, Inquirer, and principled. Principled as we were ethically, and were able to conduct the Ganpati event without any delays or hoaxing the members of the society. Inquirer, due to inquiring about all the needs for decorations, and also the small stage to place the Ganpati, and to be able to house enough people of the society. Balanced due to being able to balance my studies and also being able to conduct the Ganpati event while being evenly balanced, without one work garnering too much of my attention and resources.

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