AlZHEIMER’S DISEASE — All you want to know (By:- Nishit Mehta)

Alzheimer’s Disease

I am going to talk about Alzheimer’s Disease .Whenever you hear the word Disease , the first thing you wonder is that , what is it ? , What are the causes of that disease ? , Does it even have a solution or not .   Correct ? Yeah , I know this is what everyone thinks .

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disease in which a person loses all his memory and other mental functions . The disease is caused because the brain cell connections  and the cells degenerate themselves and die , destroying the memory and the mental functions . It is the most common cause of dementia — it is a continuous decline in thinking , behavioural and social skills that disrupts a person’s ability to function independently .

According to recent studies , the condition can not be cured but medications and management strategies can help temporarily improve it . Medications lower blood pressures and balances mood , physical exercises , aerobic for 20-30 mins everyday improves cardiovascular health ,which can help relax mood . Control of risk factors such as cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and obesity is highly desirable. Not only will this reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease but also reduce the risk of strokes, heart attack and numerous other diseases.   Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain. The disease causes degeneration of brain tissue and nerve cells. With less nerve cells present, it becomes harder for the brain to communicate with the body and function properly. Specifically, the neurotransmitter (a chemical that passes among cells relaying messages) acetylcholine isn’t produced at a high enough volume. This chemical is needed in order for your brain to learn, concentrate or remember information. With low levels of acetylcholine, those functions begin to decrease. And as the disease progress it spreads to parts of the brain that control walking, swallowing ( affects the digestive system )and coordination. The disease makes it difficult for the people to eat without choking and the swallowing difficulties lead to accidental entry of food and liquids into airways .

Transplantation is not applicable for Alzheimer’s Disease but physical exercises can help temporarily .

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