brain stroke

Brain stroke

A stroke is a brain attack  which can happen to anyone at any time the reason behind a brain  stroke is due to the interruption of the blood supply to the brain  , it happens when blood flow to an area of brain in cut off due to different  factors

the most common stroke is the ischemic stroke  

, ischemic stroke  is caused due to the blood clot which is formed which blocks the artery and cut off blood flow to the brain  a hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the breakage of a blood vessel in the brain .


Ischemic stroke happens when artery to the brain is blocked , as the brain depends on arteries for the blood  , the blood carries oxygen and nutrients from the brain and takes away the cellular waste and carbon dioxide ,  if the artery remains blocked the neurons cannot make energy due to which it will stop working , if it remains blocked for a much longer time then the brain cells may die away this is why immediate medical treatment is required

We can identify if a person has a stroke by  

            Face. Ask the person to smile. See If one side of his face drops down s


  • Arms. Ask the person to raise both arms. See if Does one arm goes  downward?
  • Speech. Ask the person to say a simple line . see if his voice is strange or slurry ?
  • Time. If you can see any of the signs  call ambulance immediately.


You should always call the The emergency immediately as more longer untreated there are more chances of getting more damage and disability

There are many advancement due to which treating strokes has become easy  Your doctor may use head CT or head MRI to help diagnose your condition because treatment depends on the type of stroke. Other tests may include blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), ultrasound of carotids, echocardiography, or angiography of the brain. Immediate stroke treatment can help save lives and reduce disability by restoring blood flow to an ischemic stroke or by controlling bleeding  

There are many impacts  of brain stroke

The social effects of a stroke suffering are that not only for them, but also for their partner / spouse, the entire life of the person may need to be changed. The partner may have to perform tasks once performed by the individual because they can’t do certain things anymore. The person who has had the stroke may cease to be interested in anything, may not want to do the things she has done anymore

Emotional effect of brain stroke

The initial hospitalization emotionally affects everyone due to the strange environment, the different routine and being unable to take into account exactly what is happening to them. It is likely that the individual will show signs of depression. This is sometimes the direct result of the stroke and its damage. In other cases, this may be due to a sense of helplessness in her present situation.

Economical effect

While the person is in hospital, people in employment may receive sick pay only for a certain length of time immediately after the stroke has occurred, other people may not receive any payment from employers at all. This can affect the individual devastating financial effects. Even after rehabilitation, she may never be able to return to work. She may not be able to maintain loan / mount payments

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