Biology SA Criterion D – Leukemia

Class of 2022,

CANCER! A small word making a big difference in everyone’s life. Cancer, this word makes you know you have less time in life, this is the moment when you enjoy your life but also suffering a lot. Approximately 6 people die every hour all around the world because of Blood Cancer. Think of what you can do in an hour, let me say nothing. What if you were told you are going to die in an hour? you would be depressed rather than enjoying the hour left. The word Cancer says everything about your life. Cancer has many types of cancer like blood cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and more. Let’s talk today about blood cancer. In fact, blood cancer also has three main groups like Lymphoma, Myeloma, Leukemia. Today, we will focus on Leukemia. Leukemia affects your white blood cell. These are an important element, as they are infection-fighting part of your immune system, which is made in the marrow of your bone. A fact is that Leukemia was the sixth most common cause of cancer from 2010 to 2014. Leukemia starts to spread from the soft, inner part of your bone aka marrow but often spreads into the blood. It can then also spread to other parts of your body such as lymph nodes, spleen, liver, Central Nervous System and many more parts of your body. We can cure Leukemia through Chemotherapy, Biological therapy, Radiation therapy, Stem Cell Transplant and more. A blood test showing an abnormal white cell count may suggest the diagnosis. To confirm the diagnosis and identify the specific type of leukemia, a needle biopsy and aspiration of bone marrow from a pelvic bone will need to be done to test for leukemic cells, DNA markers, and chromosome changes in the bone marrow. This blood cancer is common and can happen to anyone, men, women, kids. People in today´s society are taking steps to help the ones who can´t afford to treat/cure their Leukemia. Leukemia´s treatment cost a lot about $5000. This a big amount and the people facing this cancer and can´t afford to cure are dying. People in the society are hearing this every day and many of them have taken steps to help them and donate money for the sake of curing their cancer. This message spread socially and people are donating to different organizations to help the ones who are facing cancer and can´t cure because of their costings. Leukemia survival rates are higher for the ones under the age of 55, which is 61.4% but then too the ones who are poor can´t afford to cure and then die. This message is to inform how horrible is cancer especially blood cancer and to say that there are a lot of people facing Leukemia and can not afford to cure, please go out there, donate to the ones facing cancer and help them.

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