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Hi, I’m Vatsal Agarwal, a 17-year-old teen from Fountainhead School. Currently, I am studying in grade-12. I enjoy learning new things and certainly playing sports – especially table tennis. Apart from that, my creative side even likes to binge-watch TV shows and movies. I believe that I am good at reflecting, and adapting to new things. However, I would like to speeden my decision-making skills in certain areas and also strengthen my guitar skills. My love for community service is unmatched as I have been involved in volunteering with various non-governmental organizations. On that note, I would likely continue to be involved in such activities. On the other hand, I would even like to be a part of adventurous trips. In addition, something I would like to learn more about would be coding and skiing. One would come off as my academic ingenuity and another would come off as my proactiveness. 

In my perspective, an important aspect of life is growth. I think a person cannot do anything but improve from their past experiences. Therefore, I intend to grow based on my past actions and behaviors. 

As a citizen of the 21-st century, I believe there is no bigger problem than climate change. As a result, I think we all should take responsibilities – for the improvement of our planet – as we take for our future. Our small collaborative steps can likely create huge impacts.

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