Project 8: Creating My own club.L1,L2,L4,L5,L6


LO1: Did you identify your strength and weakness?

By creating a club, me and my group had to come up with new and innovative ideas. The economics club made us realize that we had a good knowledge of economics but needed to work on our presentation and teaching skills.

LO2:What was so challenging?

This activity was new and was one of the more sophisticated of the activities that were done in CAS. The organization of the class was important to maximize the teaching done in the club. As we had some smart members of the club with fantastic doubts me and my colleague had to be alert and active during the class.

LO3:How did you organize yourself? 

We created a google classroom and a hangout in order to inform students in addition regular timetables were given to the students. Plus, The presentation had specific timing quotas.

L04:What made this activity difficult where perseverance or commitment was necessary? How did that make you feel? 

Organizing a club of 50+ students requires a significant long-term commitment for the betterment of the club. Teaching such a large number of children required a good amount of perseverance.

LO5:Is working with others generally easy or difficult for you? Why? 

Working with others is no problem for me however if there is a conflict of interest and differing perspectives teamwork can usually be counterproductive. This is why I have chosen a friend as a co-chair.

LO6:What were the issues? 

The issues were mainly due to the new formation of a group- low participation, few doubts, no significant knowledge of the economics subject. But as the club has grown many of these issues have declined.

How does this CAS experience allow me as a student to become a genuine inquirer?

This cas experience required me to do lecturing which was completely new to me. Through researching on topics for the club I have gained new sectors of knowledge. Furthermore, the lecturing helped me gain a secondary perspective on the subject as it was me who for the first time answering the doubts not asking them – Link for the first session of the economics club

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