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I am Rahul Patel, I am 17 years old in Grade 12 studying in Fountainhead School Surat. I am an enthusiastic learner with a great interest in sports. Especially the sports I like to play are football and cricket. Also I have a great interest in design, which is my creative side, in future I want to pursue a career in the design field. During my free time I like to binge tv shows and like to watch movies. Also I really enjoy watching sports like football, cricket and racing. Additionally I like to play on my playstation when I am free.

The skills which I would like to improve is my communication skills, I feel that sometimes during public speaking I tend to be nervous due to the crowd pressure, so I would like to overcome this is fear of mine. And another thing which I would like to learn about is playing guitar, this instrument has always fascinated me and I hope to learn playing it in the near future after the final exams are over.

According to me, you should live your life to the fullest without any regrets and you should be happy with what you are already blessed to have.

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