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Hi! I’m Heily Chhatiawala, 17 years old and studying at Fountainhead School under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. I joined FH back in 2008 and it’s been quite the journey. I pride myself in being a CID certified Hip-Hop and Jazz dancer and a state level inline skater. 

I enjoy listening to music, adoring puppies, dancing around, watching movies and series and reading fiction because real life isn’t dramatic enough for me. Pandemic did bring out the reader and binge-watcher in me. I can stay up all night reading or watching something or the other. That did not bode well with my nasty habit of procrastinating like a pro. That is one habit I’d like to improve upon along with becoming more organized in terms of time management and scheduling. 

I find thriller and mystery very fascinating as genres and would definitely love to explore them more textually and visually. As an IB kid, I was exposed to a lot of global concerns from a young age but one that always stuck with me was stereotyping be it racial, gender based, casteist, sexual preference or any other category. I firmly believe that a person should not be deprived of an opportunity just because of one aspect of their life that they might or might not be their personal choice and definitely not the only aspect of their personality. 

Furthermore, I recently learned how to drive a car and it is one of the most adulty things I have ever experienced. While it was immensely enjoyable, it also dawned a new sense of responsibility for my own well being and that of those around me. I don’t have a musical bone in my body but I would love to learn the basics of playing a guitar because it always fascinated me with its sound and extreme rhythmic allure. 

After experiencing a dramatic character growth post pandemic, I regard myself as a realist knowing nothing is certain and being prepared for the unknown is imperative. I’m really looking forward to experiencing an independent college life even though the mere thought scares me to the core but I’m nothing if not up for a challenge!

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