CAS experience 3

Creativity- Researching and learning about gardening and filling my house with at least 5-6 different plants.

Scrolling through Pinterest I saw many aesthetic galleries with different plants and flowers which made me want one in my house, but we never did. Taking CAS experience as an opportunity, I convinced my mother to allow me to learn and grow different plants, if I take its complete responsibility. There are many online videos that talk about in-house gardening and how to take proper care of them, like watering, light, etc. I would see and follow those, and plant at least 5 different types of plants at my home. I do not have any specific skills regarding gardening but I’ve always wanted to care for nature and the environment, and apart from that having plants around has many benefits as well. Plants are known to give out fresh oxygen, clean out CO2 and pollution in the surroundings, and also gardening and taking care of the plants are known to be therapeutic.

The learning outcomes I focused on were LO2, LO3, LO4, LO6, & LO7. 

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

There were many challenges that I faced practicing gardening. The shredding of leaves because of more sunlight, ants gathering around the pot, flies above the plants, and many more things that made taking care of plants hectic. But when I got to know that we have to add medicine in the soil to avoid all of that, and give only a few hours of sunlight to specific indoor plants, I got quite hang of it. I also learnt different ways of watering with hand, with cup, etc. I did learn new skills in gardening like how to make manure and soil, how to water the plants, how to cut/trim the plants, how to add medicine, any many more. Not only that, but I also got to know the science behind gardening.

LO3- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Keeping a track and plan of when to water which plant, how much water to give to each plant, how many hours to keep which plant in direct sunlight, when to give what medicine, etc. To handle all of this, I kept a journal to know what things are left, and how much is done.

LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Commitment, perseverance, and responsibility are main in gardening. You cannot forget to water the plants, or forget to give them sunlight, or forget their medications, or that could lead to shredding of leaves and plants dying altogether. I never forgot to do such things, as I kept frequent alarms and maintained a journal to keep track. I did feel like leaving all of it because it was becoming hectic in the middle, but I did not give up.

LO6- Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

The sustainable goals that I focussed on were Good Health and Wellbeing, Life on Land, and Climate action. As I mentioned above, in-house planting is very good for health and mental well-being. It gives out fresh oxygen, purifies aura around, takes in CO2 reducing pollution, and planting is therapeutic. Plus taking care of plants, I am taking care of the Life on Land, and also supporting climate action as Plants surely reduces pollution and makes the environment purer.  

LO7- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Choosing to plant and take care of plants is a healthy and wise choice as it has Physical health benefits, Purer environment benefits, and mental health benefits. I am benefiting not only myself, but my family, and my neighbours as well.

To conclude, I would say I definitely achieved success in this experience because I planted 10 different types of plants at my home and managed all of them on my own. It makes me feel so proud that I managed to take care of 12-15 plants! The learner profile attributes that I portrayed in this experience were firstly Inquirer- as I inquired and learned about gardening and in-house planting; secondly, Knowledgeable- as I gained more knowledge and understanding about plants, transpiration, transportation, medications that plants require, etc; lastly and most importantly, Caring- as I took care of all the plants and its requirements myself. I could link this experience with what I learnt in Biology in grade 10 about how plants take in water, sunlight, and how they reproduce. This experience not only benefited me but my family as well, by giving them all the health and mental benefits of in-house planting. After this experience I became a more caring person, who can handle big responsibilities and this has helped me develop my leadership skills. I have learned so much in this experience that I wouldn’t have otherwise. One thing that I would have changed was getting plants with colorful flowers, but I did not because those are outdoor plants. I will use this knowledge further of course because I cannot stop nurturing the plants, and I even taught my mom how to properly take care of plants.



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