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Hi! I am Sarah Modi, in my last year of the Diploma Programme at Fountainhead School, Surat.

My curiosity is always overflowing and non-discriminatory – I love exploring the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind everything! I read many books and watch documentaries to increase the range of my understanding of various topics and subjects. I always employ a systematic approach of dissecting problems, analysing different influencing factors to arrive at creative solutions. This love for digging deeper led to me taking all three pure sciences in IB. Being a quick learner, a keen observer and having the ability to analyse trends and connect dots is what makes me good at science I believe it would also help me immensely in my future career choice – the field of medicine.

I enjoy learning Badminton techniques from my father and using them to beat my siblings! Playing sports keeps me energetic and alert. I keep participating in various language/literature competitions to improve as a writer. Additionally, I have a part-time job at my father’s restaurant as a coffee bean roaster which requires a lot of resesarch, experimenting and technique to get the perfect favor profile.

I am always on the lookout for opportunities that will help me become a better individual. I belive in undertaking as many challenges as I can since I belive pushing myself out of my comfort zone is the only way to keep growing. I enjoy dabbling in various activities to try develop a well-rounded skill set and personality. However, I have realised that I lack at people skills. I wish to be more outgoing and learn how to build a rapport with people of all kinds.

My outlook on life is to be open-minded, to contradict and challenge my own perceptions, to embrace mistakes and to strive for progress.

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