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I am Keshav Asawa, an introverted 17-year-old student from Fountainhead School, Surat. I am currently taking the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with a major focus on Business Management, Economics and Hindi.

I have many hobbies which I like to do in my free time like watching shows online, listening to music, playing video games and sometimes reading. I enjoy playing cricket, pool, frisbee, badminton and table tennis. I am also a huge formula 1 fan. I am very foody and always ready to try new cuisines and expand my taste palate. Another thing I am very fond of is playing with dogs. I like to bond with my family while watching cricket matches and playing board games. I also like to travel and explore new places.

I like to believe that I am good at playing games like pool, bowling and chess. I am also good at video games. Academically, I am good at subjects like maths and business management. Personality wise, I am a neat freak and I like to organize both my belongings and thoughts. I am good with numbers and data related work. I think I am a creative person and I try to express it in my school assignments and other daily activities. I feel that I am caring by nature and I always try to help my friends in both study related and usual things by solving their doubts and giving my honest advice. 

There are many things which I think I can improve upon. One of those important things is my public speaking skills. I have performed in multiple school plays to combat stage fright and improve my confidence. But I still feel a chill in my spine when I am addressing a large audience and I often stutter or speak without thought and speech clarity. 

An issue I have very strong opinions about is mental health. My sister is someone who has a lot of influence on me. She chose psychology as her career path and I gained very deep insights about the importance of mental health through her. I believe open-mindedness towards mental health patients needs to be encouraged in my society. I try to become a part of the solution by openly spreading awareness about the same to my friends and family.    

Mussoorie 2021

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