Drawing and Painting

This experience was to develop and help me improve my imagination and painting abilities. I wanted to improve my drawing and painting skills from beginner to advanced levels. This would have also made it easier for me to apply these skills in the future if I wanted to express myself creatively.

LO1: When it came to sketching and painting, I first evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, and then I focused on the abilities I needed to improve. I realized I was good at maintaining paintings but not so much at drawing. As a result, I attempted to first study and developIt my drawing skills before turning my attention to painting.

LO2: It was really difficult for me to sketch as I did not have the basic knowledge and didn’t know the different types of techniques used for sketching. I started practicing every day and gradually got the hang of it.

LO4: This experience required commitment to achieve my goal of learning and improving my art skills. Even if it was difficult and new practicing it helped me achieve my goal.

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