CAS Personal Portfolio :

Hi! I am Charu Bajaj from grade 12 , Fountainhead School , Surat . To begin with my interests and the things I am passionate about ,the list will include current affairs , history and stories associated with the same , travelling and books . Books have been a great escape for me especially in the pandemic where the stories would always intrigue me and and drive me to read more and more . Besides reading , I have always been keen on knowing about the things happening around the world and the impact that the decisions taken by the governments can have on the common public . The past year has also made me realized how much I missed travelling to different places . I also enjoy learning new art forms , be it a different classical dance or music or even art . Learning about new cultures has always been an area of my interest .

With the things that I am passionate about and enjoy doing , as much as I love reading different extracts or short stories written by any famous author or even by my friends , I would like to improve my writing skills . With so many ideas and thoughts in my head , I have realized that I struggle with penning down my thoughts , opinions and ideas . Since communication has never been a difficult task for me , I have often ignored on improving my writing skills . Now , moving towards the things that I would like to be involved in , community projects and environmental drives are the first groups or projects that I could think of . I have always loved working for the community and devoting time for a societal and environmental cause because they help me become a part of the solution which I would rather prefer than being a part of the problem or being a silent spectator . The previous year has taught me that time flies really quickly , and looking back I’ve realized that to be able to live all the good and bad times with the ones you love is a blessing which in turn becomes a cherished memory in years to come .

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