CAS Profile – Visam Virani

Hello, my name is Visam Virani, and I am an 18-year-old student at Fountainhead School in Surat. I like learning about and experiencing many art genres such as music, painting, and film. I was an eager art student up until Grade 10, but then IB DP entered my life. Basketball is something I’m incredibly passionate about, and I’ve competed at the national level. Recently, one of my friends and I created an e-commerce clothing startup, which has already been operating for one year. Maybe it’s due of my hereditary, but I’m drawn to business. Business is something I appreciate a lot, whether I’m studying about it or doing it myself. In the future, I want to be an entrepreneur and work with open-minded/innovative individuals while also travelling throughout the world to learn about different cultures.

At this moment in my life, I am a student working on my company at the same time. It’s worthwhile to me because it allows me to combine the academic information I’ve learned in school with practical application in the real world. I’ve been able to network with a number of significant individuals in the city, which is a step closer to realising my ambition. Whatever I’ve learned throughout this period is assisting me in preparing to deal with challenges and take advantage of chances both in work and in my personal life. As IB learner profile says, Risk Taker.

Since the epidemic, my perspective on life has shifted dramatically; I’ve learnt to appreciate my own company and have learnt a lot about myself as a result. Furthermore, I believe in always growing through working hard on yourself and your objectives in order to become the greatest version of yourself, regardless of what others are doing in their lives, which is why I am opposed to following the crowd. I believe that we humans cannot be compared since we all have different views, abilities, histories, and so on, and everyone is here to tell their own journey.

I hope that before I die, I would be able to embark on many adventures instead of following the same dull routine every day. I’d like to know more about the universe and its history, as well as how people lived and thought . I’d also like to meet a lot more individuals in person and hear their narratives! I’d like to help humanity by bringing innovation to the table in order to live sustainably.

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