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Hi, I am Yash Lala, an 18-year-old student from Fountainhead School, Surat. I enjoy reading about political news and cooking, I think that I’m very good at the debate! I would love to improve my artistic skills especially product designing and public speaking. I am also a keen reader, as I love indulging myself in fantasies. I love political debates due to their capability of having me learn for myself how politics works in the real world. My outlook on life is being conservative and being realistic. I am also interested in the financial markets of India, where I continuously research stocks and do stock analysis. I would like to improve my mathematical skills and my fitness. I am passionate about the rising political issues in India, I like to read about political news, and the issues concerning me are the lack of good leadership in our nation and the religious disputes. I would like to learn more about the political science, religion, and financial market studies of India. The only thing I wanted to try but haven’t yet is investing in the stock market, I am really interested and curious about investing in the stock market.

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