CAS profile – Dhiraaj Doriwala

Hello, My name is Dhiraaj Doriwala, im 18 years young and I love to play sports, listen to music or maybe make some music. I'm also very much interested in finance, i like to read articles and news on countries economy and its stock market. I won't say that i'm talented in a particular task but i'm very interest and have given an amount of time to perfect it. I'm good at skating because I won 1 gold medal and a silver medal in nationals and also a champion trophy in states with 3 gold medals. This accomplishment was due to my hard work only and only and there was no kind of talent or luck in it. Another thing is making music, i love making music even tho i am having a bad day or tired, its something that gives me sense of good feeling and worthiness.  Music is also something that i enjoy a lot, it also keeps me busy and productive. I also enjoy challenging myself, physically especially, Gym is my breakaway from the real world where i can just be myself and train making my self stronger everyday. 

There are certain things that i would like to improve, for eg i don’t have much patience in me, which usually results into bad decisions later turning out to be fruitful for me, another thing that i would like to improve is when i’m at a happy state of my mind, with no stress and pressure, i’m tend to lose focus from everything and making myself lazy . This action often increases my time and distance between me and my goals.

My outlook on life changed as i grew up, our whole life is spent after the capitalism life we want, the luxuries we want and the happiness we want. Sometimes its also about chasing a goal but it’s always indirectly related to money or women. We are bound by the rules of society, which is to study for 20 years, get a job, get married and kids, that’s it, your life’s complete. I’m very against this and would like to break these stereotypes. I often go to restaurants and malls alone and spend time with myself, thinking,observing and realising stuff. This had made me more confident and self loving.

I’m most passionate about knowing new inventions or researches that have been taking places around the world,there are the topics that i would like to learn more about. More than learning, id like to experience various industries and habitats around the world. I also love to spend quality time with my loved ones in quite and natural places.

I always wanted to go into concerts, go sky diving and meet my idol Kanye West. I turned 18 this year, i feel a bunch of pressure and weight of responsibilities on my shoulders, but i also see a bunch of opportunities and freedom on the way. I’m very excited with what’s going to come in my life next and i can’t wait to experience it.

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