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Hello, my name is Maan Rathod, 17 year old student at Fountainhead School. I have deep interest in cricket sports and love to sketch nature on my diary. I am very at arts and have great aesthetic skills. I also like to watch nature and study more about it in detail. I am always ready to help people when in need and participate in service/kindness sessions.

My talents mostly relate to sports and am very good cricket and badminton player. I enjoy watching web series and movies a lot related to issues like discrimination. I am not good fan of music composers but love to hear some songs. The talent or skill I would like to improve is my management skills and communication skills.

I become very unconfident when I have group presentation or orals in front of a crowd and miss my deadlines a lot with mismanaged schedule and late on moods. I also keen to improve my research skills which I am little poor at when come to projects.

I would like to be involved in serving my society as much as possible and helping to cherish the life of underprivileged. I also want to be involved in changing the world and protecting them from nature and disaster threats. My outlook of life is to watch nature everyday sketch the good clicks on my sketch diary. I have the dream to have world tour and click every country’s beauty in my memories and camera.

Issue is not being good at academics and I face a lot challenges to score marks. I also becomes sometimes very stressful during projects or exams which affect my scores. I feel most passionate while sketching and watching movies/series. I would like to learn more about human nature and choices to understand their patterns and protect them at the best of my knowledge. I also have the dream to create large institution and employees 50 years and old employees who face age discrimination at work places.

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