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Indian art contest is an all India virtual art competition , where participations submit an artwork that has an Indian subject , as i am a creative person i was interested in participating and also because i wanted to challenge myself with a competition , i believe there are many political issues India faces and out there are many creative artists who use their art to bring light to such issues , but i wanted to focus on the positives and as i am a nature enthusiast i decided to create a painting of the beautiful Himalayas of India , i created a schedule and worked on the painting consistently with commitment, even though i did not win i got to collaborate with other talented artist and learn from them and i also gained a participation certificate.

LO 4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
i divided the time for painting , it took me around 20 days to finish the artwork , i dedicated a schedule for the task and worked consistently , sometimes i could not make the deadline i set, in which case i would paint for extra hours next day , overall i failed to follow the schedule because of other priority work but i still managed to be consistent and finish the artwork on the final deadline i set.

LO 6 – Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance
What were the issues? 
There are many issues that India faces such as pollution , poverty and political injustice and as art is a form of expression many artist use their artworks to highlight the global / local problems i am a nature enthusiast i realise the problem with climate change is big and important , and that is why in this art competition i wanted to express my love for nature by making a painting of the Himalayas and wanted to highlight how climate change is negatively affecting such beautiful and limited places.

LO 7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Climate change is a big issue , but in india people still do not follow safe measures to throw away waste which is unethical as pollution is the main cause for climate change , through my artwork i showed how beautiful our nature is and i tried to express the need to conserve it, because even if only one person pollutes nature it still affects all and i have tried to convey a meaning in the painting that it is unethical to pollute the environment.

Final Takeaways

I practiced being a Open minded , balanced , reflective learner in this experience , i understood the importance of spreading awareness through my strengths which is art , art is a form of expression and i understood that it is a powerful tool to spread awareness about social issues , for me being open minded means to accept all the differences and behave ethically and this experience made me reflect on my own attitude towards nature , growing up in india i was surrounded with people who would pollute nature and not bother about it , and i have done the same in the past but learning about climate change has made me realise the importance of protecting nature and this experience helped me learn how i can make a difference and spread awareness through my art.

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