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Hi! I’m Khushi Valani, a 17 year old from Surat, India. I was born on 22nd of October, 2004 making me a Libra, and I am currently in the second year of the IBDP programme at Fountainhead School. One way to describe myself would be that I love to experience new things, be it food, adventure, sports, books, places, etc. Sports that I absolutely love playing are volleyball and badminton. I like to spend my leisure time reading, listening to music, or watching new TV series or movies. I am terrific at logical thinking, sports, and balancing my lifestyle in general. I believe that physical health and mental health balance is very important for peace and growth, hence I have been following a sincere morning routine of meditation, gratitude, reflection, gyming, and a healthy diet since the covid pandemic. 

All my childhood, I have always been confused about what I wanted to pursue as a career, but my recent interest in investing and business has narrowed it down to Entrepreneurship and Investment. Moreover, I would like to get good at cooking, reading, fitness, meditation, and time-management. I would also love to learn more about investing, spirituality, yoga and health, playing ukulele, and different adventure sports like scuba diving or surfing.

The lockdown in Covid pandemic taught me the importance of mental health and everything else that I took for granted- like family, friends, etc. My outlook on life pretty much changed when I started reading and hearing more self-help books and podcasts like On purpose, Ichigo Ichie, etc. I believe that a person should keep looking for their Ikigai or purpose in life, and once they find it they should live peacefully doing that. I don’t think I have found my Ikigai yet, so my aim further is to try new things and be open-minded in the quest for the same.

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