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hi , my name is aditya jalan, i am a 17 year old student from fountainhead school, surat. I enjoy performing arts, working out, and cooking also i like to be of service to my society in any way possible. the skill i would like to improve is dancing, free style dancing seems really fun and i want to learn more about the same. I like to be involved in any social activity movements that actually make a difference in the society, mostly such groups are not so concentrated on the aim, i would like to be an active volunteer in a NGO that actually does focus fully on the goal.

My outlook on life is very crude, i don’t like to live in a world of ignorance, i acknowledge all the faults and all the strengths i see in day to day life, might it be in me or others. world hunger and poverty , are the issues i worry most about and am passionate about, i want to find cure for the same. I like to learn about finance management. i once heard somewhere that 95% of lottery winners become poor again after 5 years as they don’t know how to manage their money and hence i would like to learn finance management.

there is no such thing that i always wanted to try but haven’t yet. i like to keep no regrets !!

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