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I attended a public speaking workshop by a famous public speaker Raj Shamani , it was a beginners workshop for people struggling to speak , the workshop was virtual and also recorded , they were more than 50 students , we were divided into groups of 5 and were given tasks to plan and deliver speeches together , this experience was important to me because i wanted to overcome my fear of speaking.

LO 2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Growing up i did not have exposure to any public speaking platforms or idols and therefore my speaking skills are not developed ,it was hard for me to communicate my thoughts while doing the workshop
But given that the workshop was for people like me who were not well experienced in speaking i gained up the courage and explained my thoughts to everyone. l feel proud of myself after overcoming this challenge because by being courageous i was able to experience speaking and understand how to improve my skills. This experience was important to me because i wanted to overcome my fear of speaking , i have lost many opportunities because of this fear and therefore i took up this workshop , it helped me realize that there is no point in being scared of speaking because it is just a skill which can be improved with practice.

LO 3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
How did you organize yourself? 
This workshops were also recorded , whenever i could attend a live class i would but because of my school routine i could not attend all the live classes, and i set deadlines to view the recording and i successfully did so, we were given regular homework all of which required planning and researching about a topic to speak upon , we had to plan out a speech, using the planning journal pages we had to write and deliver it after planning.

LO 5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working with a group is generally easy for me because , i get highly motivated to complete the task by collaborating , it was easy to work with other students of this workshop as all of the students were highly motivated to improve their speaking skills , we all shared our views with one another improved our speaking skills.

Final Takeaways

I practised being an Open minded, Communicative and a reflective learner in this experience , i was open minded and understood that all the students in the workshop are beginners just like me and i appreciated everyone that spoke inspite of the mistakes they made , i practised being a communicator by sharing my views with others and understanding others views as well and lastly i reflected upon my learning and i tried to overcome my fear of speaking

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