Learning Table Tennis – CAS – Activity

Table tennis is also known as ping pong and is a sport which is is played between two or four players. When i observed my friends playing it, I found this sport really interesting and decided to learn it.


LO1: Mainly what any sport requires is endurance and speed which makes me flexible for any of the sports I have played till now. But if we talk about table tennis, it also requires accuracy and strength which I think I have, but still have to look upon it after learning and then decide it myself.

LO2: Table Tennis has more rules than I ever expected and so it was really difficult for me to get through all of them but still I did some another mistake while playing. You can not stick to the table and its my habit to do, and so whenever I do I hit the racket on the table and I loose one point. This is not the only difficulty I faced, I have glasses and so this makes me even more bad at accuracy, as wearing glasses and playing a sport like this can really be a mess, and so I had to put extra focus on whenever the ball come towards me.

LO3: As exams were near I didn’t get much time to play any sport and so I didn’t knew how much stamina I have lost, and so when I played table tennis, I had to plan and take it easy for the first time as I cannot push myself.

LO4: After learning table tennis, I really found it an interesting sport to play, and so rather than just leaving it, I decided to go regularly to play it after my exams will get over.

LO5: As table tennis can also be played in four players, I learned that this sport requires some really collaboration skills or you will just lose as you have to hit the ball chance by chance and it requires a good movement speed and accuracy. It can also cause a lot ruckus as you sometimes don’t know the chance by chance rule and just hit the ball, giving the point to the opposite team and so we had to be really attentive. This helped me gain good communication skills and it felt like I was leading the team which helped me gain confidence for the same.

LO7: Ethical issue I faced was global pandemic. During covid-19 we had to keep safety during playing the game and reaching the table tennis venue. We followed all covid-19 guidelines, such as washing hands after each game and using sanitizer on both, hands and the racket too. We also made some proper guidelines and made sure that everyone strictly follows them at any cost. Some of them included wearing mask when our turn to play is not yet arrived, maintaining social distancing even if we are playing in a team. We were also avoiding any physical contact with each other and were clean all the time.


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