Tree Plantation

LO1, LO2:

I organized a tree plantation drive where I invited people to plant trees. I identified my strengths and weaknesses, by evaluating the result of the event. I realized that I was not very efficient at handling people; however, I was good at planning. The event was challenging because it was difficult to convince people to travel just to plant trees. However there were people who turned up.


I started out with a plan, since I was partially involved in planning the event with my parents, I was incharge of getting plants from nurseries. The challenge was sourcing specific species of plants as nurseries did not have large quantities of shrubs. I discovered that I was good at improvising, which allowed me to arrange everything in time.


Perseverance was required when I had to source specific tree species. I visited 7 nurseries just so that I could get the number of plants required. In total we planted 27 trees and also employed a person to water the plants every day. Since I was not the only one in charge of the event, it was easy for me to be committed.


Working with others was easy for me as everyone in my team was proactive and did their role well. We collaborated via phone calls, which made communication easy and efficient throughout the planning process.


This event helped me work towards several global issues such as Life above land and Climate Action. These issues are highly significant to our lives and the world is facing an environmental crisis. Knowing about such global issues keeps me conscious whenever I do something, allowing me to evaluate consequences of my actions. This helps me make sustainable decisions.

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